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1.0.0 Release!

edited October 2015 in News
I'm excited to announce the release of Vecxis 1.0.0!
There is a lot of new stuff in this release. A short rundown includes:
  • New music from Juliana Stein
  • New menu theme from David Revoy
  • One new minsta/ctf (ustation)
  • Two race maps (cyberparcour02/03)
  • New stock models and textures for mapping
  • Faster and more reliable clients and servers
  • Better mouse control in Linux
We are also shipping Vecxis with GameBuf, which will function as the updater for Vecxis.
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  • No luck on my initial install to windows 10.   Instructions?  The readme note for windows users referencing the Studio download link did not work.

    Second try.... I navigated to :  vecxis\GameBuf\library\Vecxis-Mega within the downloaded and extracted folder.

    Then, I could select the vecxis.exe executable to launch the program.  Windows users need to then add a shortcut to their desktop for the executable.

  • This will be made more intuitive as we roll out updates. If anyone else has any issues, please contact me!
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