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I'm working on an updater for Vecxis.

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FIRST THINGS FIRST: When this is finished, it will be seamless/transparent to users.

I'm working on an auto-updater for Vecxis. When its finished we'll be able to add new content to Vecxis on a regular basis, with out players or server admins having to redownload the game. The first phase of the updater will update the game and content but (like most other games) it will require the game to be reloaded, whereas second phase will not even require a restart for content updates.

When its completed, the first phase will look something like this:


If *nix users (includes MacOS and Linux) want to give it a try and have pip and/or tuf installed, there is a start up file available here:

For now, usage for requires tuf to be installed, which can be done by running: pip install tuf
Once tuf is installed, can be run from a terminal. As an example, running"./ Mega" will download the current version of Vecxis-Mega.
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